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Winangali offers a broad package of culturally appropriate research solutions. 


Winangali is one of Australia’s leading agencies in the highly specialised area of Indigenous engagement. Our Managing Director, Noel Niddrie, is a recognised leader in this space with over 30 years' experience undertaking research, evaluation and consultation activities with First Nations peoples.


All of Winangali researchers adhere to the Australian Research Society's Code of Professional Behaviour. When conducting our research, we abide by the AIATSIS Guidelines for Ethical Research in Indigenous Studies, which begins from the premise: ”It is essential that Indigenous peoples are participants in any research project that concerns them, to achieve an understanding for the aims and methods of the research and to share in the results of this work.”


Winangali believes the key to communicating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is to develop a dialogue with Indigenous communities through which respectful consultation occurs. The Indigenous researcher must work from a position of respect for the community, their traditions and cultural practices.


We are committed to observing appropriate protocols when researching in Indigenous communities and can offer your organisation an efficient, effective and culturally appropriate research program that maximises the potential for accurate results that are “safe”.


Whether you choose a qualitative or quantitative program, Winangali has the research solution for your organisation.

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