reconciliation action plan solutions

Over 1100 organisations in Australia have committed to creating reconciliation by developing a Reconciliation Action Plan. While this may be an easy task for someone who is already engaged with Indigenous people or communities, sometimes the whole process can seem overwhelming.


Our team of Indigenous experts can assist you at any stage of your reconciliation journey, which can include:

  • Providing a briefing for your senior staff about how corporate Australia engages with Indigenous people, communities and organisations

  • Assistance in the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan working group

  • Guidance on what can and should be included in your Reconciliation Action Plan that is tailored to the individual needs of your business

  • Network you and your organisation with key Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations

  • Creation of the Reconciliation Action Plan publication including graphic design, imagery and authentic Indigenous artwork

  • Implementation of your Reconciliation Action Plan.

Indigenous procurement policy (IPP) compliance

Are you required to have a plan on how to increase the number of Indigenous businesses in your supply chain? We can help with your IPP including sourcing the right First Nations businesses to partner.

Winangali is able to assist with the development of your organisation’s IPP and will work with you to implement the policy into your workplace culture.

Indigenous employment solutions

Winangali has been providing retention advice since 2013 and we can provide assistance to help solve your Indigenous personnel challenges too. 

We begin by asking you: “why would I, as a First Nations person work for you?”. To help you answer that question we begin by investigating your Indigenous employer brand.

We view Indigenous employment as an extension of our community engagement service offering. It is a deeper dialogue between you and the First Nations population.