About Us

Winangali is one of Australia’s leading agencies in the highly specialised area of Indigenous engagement with an impressive record of strategic communication, research planning and implementation.

Winangali’s approach is to develop bespoke solutions for challenges and opportunities facing our clients.

Winangali Pty Ltd was established in 2005 as an independent Aboriginal communications consultancy to assist Governments and corporations to engage appropriately with Australia’s Indigenous people.

Winangali is certified by Supply Nation, which guarantees Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authenticity. Supply Nation is an Australian Government initiative to promote the use of Indigenous suppliers and the development of these businesses within Governments and larger corporations

Winangali has developed a panel of Indigenous people across Australia with whom we discuss issues, ideas and culturally appropriate responses to complex community challenges and suitable Government approaches.

We have developed specific alliances with a team of specialists in the fields of research, media and cultural policy, media production, and community consultation to augment the strengths we have in communicating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.